1080p GPS Dash cam & Rearview Mirror
  • Embedded 5X GPS Processor
  • Keypad Light- Easy to Operate in the Dark
  • 1cm Thinness
  • 60% Bigger Adjustable Lens Angle in All Directions
  • Anti-Glare Mirror
  • Powerful WDR Technology - Stunning Videos in Any Light
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  • Specifications
  • Demo Movie
Embedded 5X GPS Processor

Embedded ultrafast GPS processor, 5 times faster than other
GPS, you deserve to have the most detailed and accurate
data, to restore the status of each situation.
Keypad Light- Easy to Operate in the Dark

Innovative laser-engraving keypad light is easy to operate without
light inside the car. Backlight turns off in 10 seconds automatically.
Practical, convenient and smart.
1cm Thinness

It's time to set the standard for thinness of rearview
mirror dashcam. The DOD RX8W with 1cm-thinness
shape is so fitted to your original rearview mirror
and being a new one.
60% Bigger Adjustable Lens Angle
in All Directions

The DOD RX8W's adjustable lens angle is 60% bigger
than before, horizontal and vertical adjustable angles
are up to 40 degrees. With a full range of shooting angle
to highly enhance the capability of fitting to most drivers’
rearview mirror angle.
Anti-Glare Mirror

To drive in nighttime, harsh reflection light from the rearview mirror is
annoying and hurts drivers’ eyes. The DOD RX8W with multi-layered
vacuum coating on the surface of the mirror is able to eliminate the glare
from the headlight of the car behind.
4.3” 16:9 Widescreen Display

With bigger viewing area, Widescreen 16:9 provides a
wider screen for video playback. You can watch any
videos easily.
Powerful WDR Technology
Stunning Videos in Any Light

WDR technology, well-balanced exposure no matter
at sunny day or dark night. It makes night shots brighter
and reduces strong light exposure to achieve the most
beautiful picture.
3DNR (Digital Noise Reduction)
Reduces Noise in Low Light Environment

A system of digital noise reduction, it can reduce noise
efficiently according to the need of digital signal, ensu-
ring the screen clear and natural.
Six-Element Camera Lens

Sophisticated Six-Element sharp lens, made up of
6 layers of glass, provides stunning clear and non-
deformed images.
Velcro Strap

This traditional installation by clip or rubber is easy
to get elastic fatigue and drop down. To enhance the
duration, The DOD RX8W with velcro strap design is
more solid and reliable way to install on the original
rearview mirror.