DOD RX7W + High Definition super-slim Dash cam & Rearview Mirror
  • The largest angle of Omni-directional rotation lens
  • Power WDR Technology - Stunning Videos in Any Light
  • 3DNR (Digital Noise Reduction)- reduce noise point of weak light, make image more clear
  • Anti-dazzle mirror design
  • 3 inch large LCD screen-be able to turn on/off when recording
  • Activated by GPS Mouse
  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Demo Movie
Adjustable Omni Directional Rotation Lens

The largest angle of Omni-directional rotation lens, this rotated
design won't affect the shooting angles ones drivers adjusted
the rearview mirror. Meanwhile, it's suitable for both left hand
and right hand driving demand from different countries.
Power WDR Technology
Stunning Videos in Any Light

WDR technology, well-balanced exposure no matter at sunny
day or dark night. It makes night shots brighter, and reduces
strong light exposure to achieve the most beautiful picture.
3DNR (Digital Noise Reduction)
Reduce Noise Point of Weak Light, Make Image More Clear

A system of digital noise reduction, it can reduce noise efficiently according to the need
of digital signal, ensuring the screen clear and natural.
1080P Full HD Video Recording

1080P FULL HD with 1920X1080@30fps, you
can also choose 720P/480P/VGA resolution.
140°Wide View Angle

It applies high resolution 140° view-angle lens. The
field through front window is completely recorded.
Embedded 3 inch
Large LCD Display

With bigger viewing area, Wides-
creen 16:9 provides a wider scr-
een for video playback. Let you easily view any videos.
Anti-glare Mirror Design

During night driving, the behind headlights always blind drivers. DOD
RX7W+ anti-glare properties is created by having a mirror in which the
surface of a multi-layered vacuum coating. This design is more effcient
to keep the bright headlights from behind the car.
Patented Velcro Strap Design Compatible With Multiple Mirror Types

This design solved the elastic fatigue and rubber hardness problem due to sunlight exposure.
Velcro strap design is more solid and reliable than clip and rubber belt during your safety driving.
Supports Up to 32GB
Micro SDHC Memory Card

Store data with Micro SDHC card, supporting Micro
SDHC card up to 32GB. It can store more information for you.
Automatic Loop Recording

When the storage space is full, it can automatically
cover the earlier segment. You can sign your name,
input vehicle number or your ID at your pleasure. It is
not only funny but being a credible term of the video.
Password Protection

With password protection, you can protect others
open, modify or delete your video file, keep them safely.
G-Sensor Automatic Trigger
For File Protection

When an impact, emergency brake occurred or
the car tilted, the device will lock the current video
files automatically. Through this function the
important files won't be overwritten by loop
Motion Detection Video Recording Function

With the first motion detection feature, it starts recording auto-matically
itself if there is motion in the video without pressing any button.
LED Status Indicator (Recording/Charging)

Innovative recording /charging indicator light, when the screen off, it
still ensure the car DVR is operating.
Driver Fatigue Warning

Innovative driver fatigue warning function, you can
set reminder section of 1/2/3/4 hours, keeps the
driver's physical condition maintained in good.
HUD Speed Display
With attachable 5X speed GPS mouse, 5X
update rate provides accurate stroke-by-stroke
car speed; no more last-second speed is displayed.
Smart Over-Speed Warning
When the car speed exceeds a preset speed limit, the
warning signal is shown to alert the drivers to slow
down until the car speed is lower.
Automatic Time Calibration
With attachable 5X speed GPS mouse, precise local
time is calibrated and stored into the DOD car DVR
automatically; has-sle-free from time settings.
HUD Compass Display
With attachable 5X speed GPS mouse, real-time elec-
tronic compass displaying on the screen is able to
indicate the direction you are heading.