LS500W Lite
  • Front & Rear Full Coverage Recording
  • Most detailed documentary
  • Park Surveillance, Full-time Security
  • 140° Wide View Angle
  • 2.7” 16:9 Widescreen LCD Display
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  • Specifications
  • Demo Movie


Front & Rear Full Coverage Recording

The front and rear view of your vehicle are recorded in 1080p high definition quality; moreover, the image captured at ultra-wide view angle for all-around protection.

Most detailed documentary

Equips 6G lens f/1.6 big aperture, captures more light to bring brighter picture at night. WDR technology produces balanced image no matter day or night.

Parking Surveillance

With the motion detection feature, it starts recording automatically itself if there is motion in the video without pressing any button. After the car start, it will turn to camera mode automatically to ensure your file safety.

*Recommend to work with DOD DP4 Hardwired Kit.

Basic functions

▪ 140° Wide View Angle

▪ G-SENSOR Automatic Trigger for File Protection

▪ 2.7” 16:9 Widescreen LCD Display

▪ Manual File-lock

▪ Automatically Records and Shutdown

▪ Loop Recording

▪ Password Protection